In the Dark : Sound Perceptions

Performative Surround Sound and Light installation

-Informative Video-
The project was presented at the event In the Dark: Sound
Perception, July 21st, 2016.
Caleb Watson curated a sound installation called In the Dark: Sound Perceptions. Recording hall 2 at the Funkhaus provided the perfect venue for this experiment in sound perception which had its audience captivated by 4 sound pieces in complete darkness for a full hour.

While the event put forward the sense of hearing within a pitch-black space, our work together with light designer Gabriela Prochazka played with the concept by implementing light, for a sculptural spatial experience.
Our piece explores the dimension of illusion and reality dualism underlying our mental sphere and invites the audience to experience space as an object.
While the power of sound in the darkness invites to introspection and mental imagery, the ephemeral light - from which arise a real visualization of shapes- leads the listener to a brand-new interpretation of his surrounding.
Light becomes a guide of shifting perception, ideas are given just to be given up again.